THE MAVERICK | Official Boxing Documentary добавленно Logan Paul   2 недели назад

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From building one of YouTube's biggest empires to becoming the most hated man on the planet, Logan Paul turns to boxing in order to find himself again.

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I’m a 24 year old manchild living in Los Angeles. This is my life.

Music Credits (In Order):
Skin - Alaskan Tapes, Chantal
America - The Shoes
A Giant Dies - Zack Hemsey
This Feels Like Home - Zack Hemsey
The Calm Before the Storm - Zack Hemsey
All Was Quiet - Alaskan Tapes
Hunger Of The Pine - Alt-J
Let Them Come - Zack Hemsey
Seeing is Believing - Zack Hemsey
Drifted - The Shoes, Sage
Views from Tower Two - Alaskan Tapes
Speaker - Alaskan Tapes
A Wounded Giant - Zack Hemsey
Arise - The Siege
Rise and Fall - The Rigs
Methods of Madness - Zack Hemsey
No Place for a Giant - Zack Hemsey
In the Wake of a Giant - Zack Hemsey

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Additional Credits:
Second Camera -
Nate Mennel
Ari Abraham
Brendan North

Sound Recording:
Anton Wisbiski

Sound Mixing:
Bradley Denham
Colin Kast

Ari Abraham

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