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Watch the full story of how Dolly Parton joined us to sing on 'God Only Knows'. This is the behind-the-scenes documentary of our collaboration with the queen of Country. From the first phone call, to being in the studio with Dolly, to shooting an audacious music video- watch the full interview between Dolly, Joel, and Luke on the importance of this song for today!

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Burn The Ships | North America the 2020 Encore
04.16 Evansville, IN
04.17 Fort Wayne, IN
04.18 Hershey, PA
04.19 Greensboro, NC
04.23 Tyler, TX
04.24 Mobile, AL
04.26 Tulsa, OK
04.30 Toledo, OH
05.01 Binghamton, NY
05.02 Pittsburgh, PA
05.03 Springfield, MA
05.07 Johnson City, TN
05.08 Salem, VA
05.09 Washington, D.C.
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