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Mountain Talk (full movie)

featuring Popcorn Sutton, Jim Tom Hedrick, Gary Carden, Mary Jane Queen, Orville Hicks, Henry Queen and many others.

A film by Neal Hutcheson
A Production of the Language and Life Project at NC State University

This PBS and Documentary Channel favorite portrays the variety of language and culture of Southern Appalachia. The documentary is the first television appearance for both Popcorn Sutton and Jim Tom Hedrick and gave rise to several other television documentaries including The Last One, The Queen Family, Popcorn Sutton - A Hell of a Life, and others.

Produced and Directed by Neal Hutcheson
Executive Producers Walt Wolfram & Jim Clark
Narrated by Gary Carden
Camera / Editor Neal Hutcheson
(full credits in situ)

© 2003 & 2018 The Language and Life Project

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